August, 2013

Subtle grooves, tracing unkempt terrain.

Delicate, yet deliberate.

Clandestinely carnivorous in nature, leaving behind a residue of gluttony.

Revealing in him a darkening sky, cultivating a furious tempest.


Subtle grooves, leaking honesty, but only with palms and their extremities.

Less delicate, more deliberate.

Too far from my breath to taste sound,

yet still close enough to travel the curvature left of my navel.


Then, the rain spills. The winds become irate.


He cannot hear me with his eyes.


Subtle grooves, now bare and lupine.

More callous, more deliberate.

Introducing more skin to skin.

Engrossing himself in navigating south,

and recklessly consuming each city in route.


He disregards the branches becoming more aggressive with the window panes,

and neglects the rain lashing at the roof.

Instead he gouges himself another home within me,

clawing his way farther and farther inward.

And despite a forced hesitation outside of himself,

he pursues on.


While the lightning begins to pierce the trees near us.

While the sirens begin wailing; crying.

While I

am crying.


But he cannot see over the sound of skin in skin.


“August, 2013” -VMS


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